Venezuelans take refuge in the crypto world.

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Greetings to all my dear readers and followers of this valuable community, today I will share with you a relevant information for many users who make life within this wonderful world of blockchain and is that cryptocurrencies have become the economic escape route for many users especially for Venezuelan users.

For no one it is a secret because of the difficult economic situation that many South American countries are going through, especially Venezuela, the serious economic crisis that our country is going through is unprecedented, the current inflation destroys the salaries of each worker, who must make a super human effort to be able to bring sustenance to their home, there are those who have up to two jobs and even so it is difficult to cover the basic needs of the household.

The arrival of cryptocurrencies and play to earn games have become a relief for many Venezuelans who see in the world of cryptocurrencies and these games an opportunity to get ahead in the face of so much difficulty, one of the games that is contributing the most to the economy of each user or player is Axie Infinity, so much so that according to official reports from the developers of the game Venezuela is the second country in the world where more Axie Infinity is played, to this is added the participation in the cryptocurrency market that has truly impacted positively..


There is no doubt that there are many Venezuelans who have been able to get ahead thanks to cryptocurrencies and play to earn games, for example Nicolas Cova, a Venezuelan who had to migrate to Ecuador and look for a job that would allow him to send resources to his relatives in Venezuela, Nicolas says that in his eagerness to grow he looked for something extra beyond working from Monday to Saturday and saw in trading a valuable opportunity, his entry into the world of cryptocurrencies has allowed him today to have about 30 axie infinite scholarships, scholarships that he has given to other Venezuelans who like him had to leave their country in search of a better future.

The world of cryptocurrencies and play to earn games today has become more than an opportunity to generate economic resources, it has become the inspiration for many users to overcome their dreams. Everything that this wonderful world has brought has no precedent and although there are risks of losing the money invested, if you manage to enter with knowledge and good strategies, for sure the results will be favorable as was the case of Nicolas Cova.

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