The EE.UU economy is sinking.

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Greetings to all my dear readers and followers of this important platform, continuing with my publications today I will share with you all a very interesting news and that is that while the U.S. economy is sinking in its worst inflation in over 30 years the Bitcoin (BTC) is getting stronger every day.

Undoubtedly the economic recession that the United States is experiencing is no coincidence because they are the results of a worn out application of archaic economic strategies that no longer give results in the face of the arrival of the digital economy. Certainly, many years of applying economic models have already exhausted their useful life and it is necessary to give way to new economic strategies more adapted to reality and reality tells us that the time has come for the digital economy driven by the cryptocurrency market.

In October alone, the United States had an inflation rate of 6.2%, one of the highest so far this year, while this is happening in the supposedly most powerful country in the world, the BTC continues its overwhelming pace within the cryptocurrency market where it is increasingly consolidated. All this scenario opens the doors to the new emerging economy and it is none other than the digital economy supported by the cryptocurrency market, more and more we will see countries around the world joining the initiative taken by El Salvador a few months ago.


It is not necessary to be a great economist to realize the wear and tear that the economy is presenting not only in the United States but the whole world, economic models have already exhausted their useful life and although it still makes resistance its total fall is getting closer and although there are factors that still believe in these archaic economic models the arrival of the crypto market ended up giving the final blow as in a bullfight.

The President of the United States Joe Biden has stated through statements made to CNN news channel that he has issued precise instructions to contain this inflation, but his speech is not in line with the actions he is taking because public spending has doubled and there are no economic policies that help to stop this inflation. And in the face of this dark scenario, the BTC continues to grow and is increasingly seen as the digital currency that will help us to get out of this economic catastrophe in which we are immersed.

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