Metamask alert with phishing.

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Greetings to all my dear readers and followers of this valuable community, the day of I will be addressing in this article a very important topic and it is about the security of the Metamask wallet, this wallet has been the target of countless attacks to steal the resources of the users.

As users of this platform and any other where the use of digital wallets such as Metamask is required, you should always maintain fairly high levels of security because there are always unscrupulous people who seek to defraud us or steal our digital assets that are protected in these wallets. Metamask today has become one of the most used digital wallets of the moment, for its ease of use and its ability to interlink with the different Exchanges that exist.

The security of our digital wallets is very important because it depends on it that our digital assets are not stolen, there are some basic recommendations that will help us to maintain an acceptable level of security in our wallets and especially Metamask, one of the most important recommendations is to download and install Metamask from the official website of the wallet this reduces the risk of being stolen, another very important recommendation is the security of our seed phrase as this is essential to reinstall our Metamask, you should never save this seed phrase digitally on our computer.


This year hackers developed a bot that tried to redirect users to a supposed technical support portal of this wallet, when entering it asked them to fill out the Google Docs form, in this form they asked the user for relevant information of the wallet including the seed phrase and many users were robbed because they thought it was the official portal of Metamask. The developers realized this irregularity and immediately published on their official sites that they did not have any form in Google Docs.

At the present time as users of different platforms where the use of digital wallets is required we have many risks of being deceived and stolen, which is why we must be alert to any attempt of fraud that we want to do and immediately socialize with our colleagues so that they do not fall into these frauds that are so common today. Finally, I advise never to give our seed phrase to anyone, because this is the main key to our digital assets.

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