Mbox launches game backed by Binance.

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Greetings to all my dear readers and followers of this prestigious community, continuing with my publications today I will share with you all a very interesting news and that is that Mbox closes an important alliance with Binance to launch a game that gives away NFT in the metaverse, this game has already been launched in its initial phase, as we all know lately everything related to the metaverse is giving much to talk about.

Before going into detail about this new game that has been born through the metaverse we must define what is Mobox, this is a platform that emerged for the first time as a decentralized finance protocol (DeFi), its objective was to be able to place in stake its non fungible token (NFT) called MoMo NFT and with this to continue obtaining more tokens to generate resources within the cryptocurrency market, but the revolution of the NFT has generated that many platforms are forced to adapt to these new changes and to offer its users the opportunity to enter this wonderful world.

The game that has been born through the Mobox metaverse and supported by Binance is called MoMoverse and this was launched in the Binance ecosystem, it is important to mention that this NFT game will only be available through the official APP of the Binance Exchange, users who wish to participate in this project must only register in the Exchange through the official APP, the NFT will be represented by Avatars that will be assigned to the user once he/she registers. The avatars will function as NFTs in the game and in turn they will function as a personal node in the MOBOXchain network.


The MOBOXchain is a blockchain network which will be powered by the avatars that will be the NFT of the game and will be used under a proof-of-stake (PoS) system, this system will be controlled and governed by the game assets themselves, this modality guarantees a healthy and stable economy of this game. All this system allows the user to enter and play on the platform through its avatar, but in addition to allowing the avatar to play, it will give power of government in the game with which it will be able to generate payments in cryptocurrencies.

Undoubtedly the advances that have been presented through the blockchain for the development of different games and platforms that generate resources have been significant, all this generates a positive impact on the cryptocurrency market and although at present they are going through a fall in their prices for sure they will soon begin to recover their value again and their development can continue, the arrival of the NFT games and now the issue of the Metaverse are the additional plus that was expected to finish strengthening this technological world.

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