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Another great week of drone posts! We had 10 entry posts this week. Fantastic! Check these out! Many thanks to all our contributors. A great mix of stills and videos.

Round 24 of our Drone Pic of the Week contest is in the books. Help us celebrate our winners by upvoting their post and by joining our community. All drone and RC related are welcome, Drone pics, Pics of Drones, RC planes, RC cars, RC robots, anything Drone or drone related. Please join and tell your friends and help us get membership over 100! Join to post your pics, Join to see the pics, or just Join because you like us!

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Here are the 3 top winners for our contest this week. They will each receive 200 Ecency points each that they can use to promote their post, someone else's post or however else they choose! Note, some of the Honorable Mentions may find a gift in their basket as well for participation and for helping to promote the new community. Many thanks to all.

Top 3 Winners (Not in any particular order): Be sure to click the links above pics and view their full post will all pics and videos!

Winner 1 - @sharker for these amazing sandbank shots. Quite artistic.
What is Seen from Above

Winner 2 - @matthewbox for this nice art shot of bridge from above.
The greenery of Białowieża [ENG/PL]

Winner 3 - @inksurgeon with another great FPV video. It shows the size of this large drone at the very beginning, I'm amazing how acrobatic and graceful it appears to fly.

Honorable Mentions - We have a lot of great honorable mentions this week!

HM1 - @karbon for the shots of the beaver pond, and especially for the Moose shot. I've been wanting to get a moose picture since I moved to Vermont, and he got one with a Drone! I am so envious!
Beaver Pond

HM2 - @bombaycrypto for another nice shot over London. It's like we're getting to know the city from above. I really like these.
Aerial shot of The Paragon, London, UK.

HM3 - @diveratt with another great Drone Mod Monday post. This one involves soldering irons and not for the faint of heart!
Drone Mod Mondays DON’T DO THIS!!!

HM4 - @xaviduran with an interesting helicopter view that could have been a drone pic. I like it as an art shot, but also interesting to zoom in.
Salt mine of Ibiza. Drone Pic contest #24

HM5 - @jemmanuel with a nice overhead video of the Tandag Boulevard.
Vicente Pimentel Sr. Boulevard | Tandag City's Main Tourist Attraction | DJI MINI SE Ep. 9

HM6 - @junebride Another very nice video I think would have made it to the winners circle, but it goes black after the first 50 seconds. Still nice to watch the beginning! Looking forward to more from you, and I'd still like to see the cemetery. I've got a couple of those I've been wanting to shoot as well.
Drone Pic Contest : A Cemetery on a Hill?

That's it, have a great week, our next contest starts today and I will post the announce a bit later.

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You mentioned that you now live in Vermont a few times, and I was wondering if you know a city called Burlington? Its just that I watch a live stream from a camera there for some years. Well, I do occessionally, its not so action packed really. But I was amazed how much snow they have in winter at times. May be you know it?

I certainly know the town, it's probably the largest town in the state. It's about an hour south of us. We go there frequently for things not available in the smaller towns. Haven't been to this Church Street Marketplace yet, but will have to put that on our todo list!

It surprised me because it looks so "german". Here in Germany, just about every bigger town has this kind of shopping street, what we call Fussgängerzone - Pedestrian Zone.
I have not seen this anywhere else in the US, not even in NYC or so. In the US it seems to be key, that everything has to be accessable by car. Ok, there are the malls, but thats not a real street with different houses. This Church Street looks much like a typical town center, just as we also have it here in my town, only 100 yards from where I live.

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 123 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Winner #1 is something else, well done everyone!

Thank you! :)

Thanks @ksteem

Many thanks @ksteem for the honorable mention. and congrats to the winners, specially to @sharker for this amazing capture. Zenithal views work really well when the subject have contrast.

Thank you! :)
Your salt mine shot is really interesting too!

You're welcome.
And thanks for commenting.

Thank you @ksteem and congrats to all the winners and honorable mentions! The world with drones is amazing :)