Winners Drone Pic of the Week Contest 21

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Another great week of drone posts! Check these out! Many thanks to all our contributors. A great mix of stills and videos.

Round 21 of our Drone Pic of the Week contest is in the books. Help us celebrate our winners by upvoting their post and by joining our community. All drone and RC related are welcome, Drone pics, Pics of Drones, RC planes, RC cars, RC robots, anything Drone or drone related. Please join and tell your friends and help us get membership over 100! Join to post your pics, Join to see the pics, or just Join because you like us!

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Here are the 3 top winners for our contest this week. They will each receive 200 Ecency points each that they can use to promote their post, someone else's post or however else they choose! Note, some of the Honorable Mentions may find a gift in their basket as well for participation and for helping to promote the new community. Many thanks to all.

Top 3 Winners (Not in any particular order): Be sure to click the links above pics and view their full post will all pics and videos!

Winner 1 - @cmnphotos for the fantastic foggy aerial stills over the forest. I just love these, and the previous ones actually motivated me out of the house to shoot my own, nice job!.
A wonderful morning in a foggy bog.

Winner 2 - @oscurity for a great video, still shots, and review of the Bobadela Museum.
Visit to Bobadela

Winner 3 - @inksurgeon for two great FPV videos. If you can survive the dizziness to not pass out, these are great! lol Can't believe he pulled off flying thru the tight rafters on the first one, and the second one all the windows without crashing until the end. That looked like one HARD landing!

RESOLUTE | FPV - Roche Abbey, U.K

Honorable Mentions: Several nice honorable mentions this week.

HM1 - @diveratt for a view of his new DJI Mini 3 Pro and some great tips and tricks. I love good tutorials, reviews, and learning new things!
Drone mod Monday again

HM2 - @jemmanuel for the drone view of Mabua Beach.
Mabua Beach | Tandag City, Surigao del Sur | DJI MINI SE Ep. 4

HM3 - @bombaycrypto for some shots of a re-purposed airfield. Would have been nice to see these in their heyday, but also interesting to see what has been done with them since.
Aerial shots of Debach Airfield, UK.

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Supeeer collectioon

Oh wow! I don’t have a dron but I love to see pictures taken with those devices! I had no idea about this contest! It’s very cool!

Thanks for viewing. Don't need a drone to join our community and view all the others! Great way to learn and get ideas before buying one. Careful though, that's what got me hooked was watching, then wanting to make my own.

Great!! Thank you! I’ll join. And it’s true! I was thinking about buying one the last year but in the end I decided no to because I had no idea about which one was better!!

The first picture is just so stunning! what a quality, I am still saving up for the drone 😂 hopefully sooon.

I really liked that set too. Looking forward to your future flights!

Fantastic collection of winners, well done everyone!

@ksteem thanks mate, bit quiet at the minute, ive broke it again lol