Exciting Drone Community News!

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Hello everyone, I am very pleased to announce that our Drone Community has been accepted into the OCD Communities Incubation Program!

What does this mean? Well, a few things high level.
First off - if you haven't already, please be sure to follow, and favorite our Community site account @hive-186141 , all the weekly winner curation posts will now be sourced from that account rather than mine so the community can also receive some OCD love. Also, you do need to be a member of the group to get nominated for extra rewards (You only need to perform from one front-end, or within Hive interface, not all).
@Ecency Link here: Drone Community
@Peakd Link here: Drone Community

Second, it means I will be able to submit some of our posts to the OCDB Curation team for consideration for additional OCDB upvotes. There are limits, and just because I nominate a post doesn't mean it gets through the curation process, (but we have got a couple through with extra OCD love votes already!)

We may also be eligible for some community rewards and this may then allow me to start some reward sharing for the winners of our weekly contest curation post by re-directing some of those weekly curation post rewards to the participant winners as Beneficiaries regardless of the OCD curation (still may take me a bit to figure out).

Finally, Please no cross-posting to those older legacy St**** platform that shall not be named. Folks trying to leverage that or other similar to rack up a few extra are not eligible, and of course, true to the title of OCD, Original Content only, no plagiarism or AI bot generated content or pics. There are also limits on how often we can submit someone for curation, timing, etc. so please don't "expect" a bonus reward, even if you make a great post, just be grateful when you do, like a gift from the sky! I know lots of rules, I don't make them, I just have to follow them.

Hint: Posts with single pics (even if art-worthy!) and low amount or quality of content are not as likely to be voted or get as large a portion of love as those that have these qualities! A big part of this program is engagement. And btw, that's really the best trick to getting more and larger votes on hive anyway, is engaging with others that are then more likely to vote and vote higher on your content.

The OCD Community Incubation Program is one of the several areas working to keep engagement levels high, and help focus posts into managed topic communities that can help like-minded folks connect and also provide a managed content area to reduce spam and garbage posts.

For more information on the OCD incubation program, check out the link.

Or check out the OCD Discord and talk about it there in the #community-incubation channel!

Don't forget, follow and favorite the Drone Community @hive-186141 account to be sure and get the weekly winner curation posts. It's very low volume account so should not fill up your feed, I will also be re-blogging drone posts made to the community for visibility (unless this gets too noisy, let me know).

Now tell a few friends, pull them in to join the fun, and let's go fly!


Amaaazing news buddy! The drone community deserves this for sure!

Thanks! I saw your DiyHub out there as well. I'll be having a few projects for that now that the weather has turned.

Great :) Yeah we are family now thehe

The same goes for me and my drone flying! Less rain here so more time to fly without risking a short :) I am soooo glad that winter has ended

Yesh, that is so well deserved! Love youre effort as always and keep it up! I love to curate in the drone community!
Best wishes to you my friend, have a great one 😶‍🌫️

Thanks Sandy, we love your watching and posting with us! The snow has started melting, so those off-road electric skateboard shots (with some drone follows of course) coming maybe next month!

@sandymeyer denkt du hast ein Vote durch @investinthefutur verdient!
@sandymeyer thinks you have earned a vote of @investinthefutur !

Yeah, thank you 😁
And daim you got me stoked on that one!
I'll make shure to crosspost that to the skatehive so they don't miss out on the fun!
Realy looking forward to that one! And also interested how the follow mode will work/look. I have not tryed any follow modes with my mavic mini one.
Exiding times haha
Greez !BEER 🍻

Ahh, I did a post years ago with my original Mavic on it. On that one, I had to learn that "follow mode" wasn't what I wanted. What I actually wanted was one of the several different "Active Track" modes.. Watch a couple tubes on it, it's actually quite powerful and accurate. Just be careful of surroundings of course, I almost flew mine into a flag pole when I had it circling me while riding.. I had to jump off to stop the drone! My brother certainly got a laugh out of the video. hahaha

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We appreciate all that you doing in the drone community
Another one has been posted

That‘s pretty cool. Got the first Mavic Air - going to upgrade soon. Love that, there’s a community here !

Welcome aboard! Weekly contest is active! Check out the last Winners Post for details.

I bought a drone a couple of years ago and I have never used (don't ask me why). Now you are giving me an extra reason to take it out of the box and dive into the magic of aerial photography :)

Congrats for your community, you'll probably hear from me soon!

Enjoy your other posts when I catch them now and again. Looking forward to your eye in flight mode!

Don't panic @fotostef, unless your little pigeon kills someone ;-)

Haha, I hope not :)

Very well deserved! It is the fruit of your votes and dedication! something that I know is that you never stop voting for the posts of your community, I hope it grows more every day! an honor to be a member of it.

Thanks for that, but it's all the great contributors like you and the other members that truly make it worthy to look at each day. It's a bit of a fix for me since I don't get out much to fly myself, I get to fly virtually through others! Was glad to see you got that nice OCD bump this week as well! It looks like it's working.

Congratulations! thats a good step forward in a proper direction. ☘️

Congratulations! Glad to see a new community join the OCD incubation. That means you and the participating members have been doing great :) Cheers!

Thanks, I'm hoping this can help take us to the next level of growth!

Well done @ksteam for getting us noticed by the OCD curation team. Nothing is guaranteed but it's nice to at least be on their radar!...(little drone in joke there) lol


Congrats man, this is huge step for the community!

Thanks, come join us! Even if no drone, viewers of the content are welcome.

This is great! can't wait to make some new posts. Weather here has been bad and hard to go flying. But soon I should have something.

Excellent, love to see your posts again!

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 150 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!

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Yay! 🤗
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Congratulations! This is awesome news :) would love to join, but I don’t have a drone... but I’ll come for the community 😉

Glad to have you! Enjoy the show!


o maaaan..
what a great news! still crazy weather here, but its changing slowly so ill be able to fly finally, didnt fly dis year at all..
..good luck and happy fly..

I haven't flown much either with all the cold and the couple weekends I did have time we had rain. Looking forward to the melt and spring around the corner.

Congrats on the community development!!

Thank you, looking forward to expanding and seeing more interactions and posts!

I like the part about steempileofstit.



I am new to this platform and would love to work with your community. I like your conversation very much.

Glad to hear that. If you have a drone, looking forward to you adding them! If not, you're welcome to just watch and vote/comment on the others great work here.

I want to work with you. Can I share photography, stories, travel?

Check the community rules, this community is for drone, fpv, rc, flying etc. so of course please do share related to those. There are many other communities for general or other specialized photography, stories, travel, etc. that don't involve drones. Improper or unrelated posts in the community will be muted.

Well deserved and congratulations @ksteem !

Congrats, Kris! @ksteem I know that this will help your community grow! I still stalk your posts, just busy catching up with life still. :)

Hope all is going well with you and your wife!
I hope she is still quilting!

I see you out there :) It's nice having friendly folks in the shadows for a change :) I'm enjoying your flowers, just starting to sprout up here a bit and a bit of a cold spell after our 85 day last weekend. Supposed to get back on the warm up later this week though.