Drone Pic of the Week Contest Round 26

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Round 26 of the Drone Pic of the Week Contest starts today! I'm a bit slow posting so just using standard pic, although I did get out with the drone yesterday. Get your drone out this weekend! Pull it out and join our community with a post and entry into our Drone pic of the week contest. Contest starts 2022-09-24 and will end 2022-09-30. See the simple contest rules below.


Contest entries can be a pic of your drone, or a pic or video from your drone. And why not include 4 wheel drones as well? Feel free to pull in your FPV, RC Planes, RC cars, RC trucks and other landbound drones/robots as well.

Rewards: I will pick the top 3 three posts and the winners will each receive 200 Ecency points. Runners up or Honorable Mentions may receive some Ecency points as well depending on my stash for the week.

Contest Rules:
Must be a member or Join the Drone community.
Must post in the Drone community and have Drone as the first tag.
Must be Drone/RC car, Plane, Robot, or related post.
Optional - Place "Drone Pic Contest" in the subject or body.
I'll announce the winners next weekend and send a summary curation post.
Enjoy and good luck!

Don't have a drone? That's ok, join our community just to see all the great posts and support our folks that are posting or to learn more before you buy!

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 124 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!


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I totally didn't even know this was a thing and I am totally signing up I have a DJI mavic zoom!!!!

I really need to get a battery for it so I have a spare as well as car charger however I really need to learn how to fly that a lot more.

And as well getting a part 107 drone operator's license so I can make money from using it would be really nice.

Anyway I subscribe voted and I'm going to also reblog this because this is awesome.

And I wonder if my new electric skateboard counts?




There is a @skatehive community you may want to check out. Now let's see the drone active-track of you on it! I've also got an electric board, an "Evolve" Bamboo off-road that's a few years old now. I haven't ridden it since we moved, tried it once but it was low on juice, not sure if it still holding charge.

Just subscribed on this account so,,, I'll respond to you in a minute after I sign in and subscribe to this community under another account...

Oh you mean the one that I inspired to be a community and booted them in the butt to be a better community and they are doing so awesome?

Yeah I get a regular vote from that Community because I delegate to them to support them and they are super duper awesome.

Skatehive Community absolutely is a phenomenal community and has done some amazing things. I definitely recommend delegating to them for an excellent tiered voting system.

Okay now I can just barely fly the thing on the most stable setting and I really don't want to read the $1,500 drone obituary until I have insurance on it.

Besides that it was more of a tool for reconnaissance gold mining prospecting and search and rescue as well as a really fun dog exercise tool.

So I'm not exactly sure how to use all of the amazing capabilities of this as well as I'd really like to use the simulator to be able to practice flying it and get more used to the controls for me to further hone my skills at flying this amazing technological platform.

I was talking to a friend of mine from Ukraine and they did this amazing Uber for artillery and ordinance app. They have been using a lot of DJI products to extreme success and now military conflicts have completely changed with the additional ability for long range visual reconnaissance and bomb damage assessment.

And I really need to work with the drone more and the electric skateboard is going to need a super expensive $130 I believe, fast charger as this one takes about 2 hours to recharge from nearly empty. Super awesome technology is able to help me get around better.

I played with their "simulator" early on, but didn't find it very useful for actual flying experience. Best way is to just get out and fly, starting in open areas and then moving to other more complex or object filled areas. Yes, amazing what they are doing with drones for battlezones. The zoom on this Mavic 3 would be wonderful for that type thing. I originally bought this for search/rescue capability as well, but haven't actually used it as such. One with the thermal cam add-on would be better suited for that role. Still on my wish-list.

Absolutely the mavic 3 is super awesome and I can't wait for even more upgrades to this technology because not only having zoom but also having thermal capability would be absolutely phenomenal.

However I bought quickly because a family member ended up going missing and I was hoping that this would be a helpful contribution and then it ended up being a piece of equipment that has really not gotten use it really could get as I don't want to crash it.

However I absolutely can't wait and you're pretty quick I am absolutely going to go out and work my flying skills. And I'd like to be able to play with the simulator because then I can purposely put the limits of my capabilities safely without damaging my drone. Kind of like how I enjoy driving in video games really fast so I don't speed on the highway or do crazy dumb car races with others.

Just subscribed!!!!

Excellent, welcome aboard!

Wow, seems like an epic drone photo. Thanks for sharing.