Bakersfield Vermont 360 View in Fall

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I recently posted some other drone pics of the Fall leaves, but this one is special. It's a 360 Panoramic view from my Drone, which is actually a compilation of 25 individual pictures.

Here is the "Tiny World" shot. I think these are really cool. The bang comes from the compilation, which allows you to use the mouse or your finger on phone to spin around, look up, look down basically control the view to look in any direction. This requires viewing in an app or website designed to display it properly.
Now, if you click on this link for SkyPixel, it will give you a 360 Panoramic view you can "drive around" in.

If you enjoy that, you can also see the spring/summer view here:

Or the Winter view here, which is VASTLY different look. Hard to believe it's the same spot.

Most of the DJI Drone series, including my Mavic 3 have some special "master shot" modes and special 180 horizontal, 180 vertical, and 360 panoramic modes. In this mode, you just need to hover, push a button, and they automatically shoot the required frames for you (25 for the 360 pano) and then stiches them together. Some pros like to do the stitching manually in post-production app, but the auto-stitching works fine for me.

Perhaps our wonderful Hive Devs will bring us some direct functionality to upload 360 pics directly in the future, but until then the links should work.

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Omg this is really awesome..the round earth in fall colours 😍 this is truly a beautiful drone shot.

Thank you. I just love that 360 view ability to spin around and look all different areas.

This is amazing.what a view you have shown us.i'm so thankful to have eyes to see these beautiful are a brilliant photographer.thanks for sharing!!

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
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Little planet. It looks so unusual and cool!👍

Thanks. I do like these shots. It looks cool to see all three of them lined up next to each other with the fall, winter, and spring shots.

Wow what a beautiful caption... You've shown us a awesome view

Thanks, it is great to watch the view changing sights each day.

I am having trouble getting around today, and yesterday. Finally, I get to see it! The autumn colors are gorgeous, especially panning the entire area! :) A really stunning view from the top. It is not possible for me to do some of the best places around here. Totally verboten. I would love to do the downtown area, but, understand why they can't.

The summer version is so abundantly green and flourishing and the winter, is pristine, although I am sure it has been called bleak. :) Nice job and I had no idea this was even possible. As an aside, although I am a novice... I don't notice the switchover from seam to seam. I think it does a nice transition.

Great camera work.

Thanks for taking the time to view all three. It was cool for me to view them all again. Yes, the winter definitely looks bleak, desolate, and that's how it feels sometimes. It's a nice isolated quiet feeling though. I just love the quiet of the winter mornings when there's heavy snow and it deadens the sounds. I wouldn't want it all the time though, I'm glad it only lasts a few months.