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Hello everyone, hope you all having a good day. Today while doing some random things i saw a little notification that made me really happy (like always)

It was a notification from @immanuel94 the owner of the minecraft server @skyroad (ip : join.skyroad.me) giving us the results of last week build competition

I did well :

I earned 14 HivePower from doing this build and you could do the same following some really easy steps. Step 1 go to @immanuel94 profile (ecency) - (peakd). Step 2 : Look at last the last Build contest result scrool down to the comment and search for @immanuel94 comment They look like this :
Step 3 : Join skyroad minecraft server with the ip : join.skyroad.me
Then once you are in the server type /event
Step 4 : You will land in a nice built spawn
Just walk to the gate
Step 5 : Once you have walked for a bit you will see these

Walls full of signs simply right click on the sign to get a plot
Step 6 : Right click on the sign you will now see. You know have a ready to be built on plot
Step 7 : Build and enjoy
Step 8 : Wait till the results are published and enjoy

Each Friday to Saturday (Europe central time i think) there are some nice events in the server but i should create a whole account in order to explain how each event works.
You can just chill and play other minigames on the server, with no earnings but a lot of fun

Consider upvoting because this is what making this post looked like :P

Dear reader, have the best day on hive


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Hey @memess, here is a little bit of BEER from @immanuel94 for you. Enjoy it!

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