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I went to the mall recently for the first time in months. Not much changed, but one thing I noticed was this machine that scanned your face and body temperature. I had heard about it before from a friend that works at the mall but it was interesting to see it up close. Interestingly the device said, "Network disconnected, scanning offline". But who knows what an "offline" machine is capable of?

Now, many might say "why did you let it scan your temp and face, now you are in the system". SMH. Well, the way I see it we have all been in the system. The more I think about the whole Covid/microchip conspiracy scenario the more I remember we are already chipped. That device we carry with us everywhere has made it so that we don't even need to be chipped to be tracked. LOL, most people won't even take a shit without it, some even sleep with it....if they leave it at home, it is the end of the world. As time goes on, generations to come will accept chips in their body without thought, oh, it is already happening in countries around the world.

Nothing to Fear

But you know what, man will always find ways to stay ahead of or utilize the system no matter how it evolves from here. Humans have a way of figuring things out, and we the early adopters of Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency are way ahead of the masses. I feel that what we are learning in the space is preparing us for a future most of the world isn't ready for but is on the cusp of manifesting. We will be the ones to teach them.

Babylon is listening and has been listening. But the people are awakening. New ways of life will be formed that will be better for the generations ahead. That is what I believe. Things may get worse, and this technology we so love may seem to turn against us, but our right to live and enjoy true freedom will prevail.

I leave you with a song by sizzla Kolonji titled "Babylon a listen"






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Strange new world we are living in indeed.

Babylon running things in this time, but it's power rests on top of a house of cards. Just have to be patient for the pendulum to swing again.

strange indeed, and I don’t think we see the full effect yet. Babylon plan is unfolding just like the Bible said. But the learned shall inherit the 🌍! Blessings lion.

Why do you think they introduced smart devices, it's a step by step undercut, smart phone, smart watch and then get that chip inside your body...and then you are FUCKED! Excuse my language, but i had to put it plain like that.
That's why it is so important to fight that "Technology Trap" right now.
Ever heard...we run tings, not tings run we? ;)
Better to get away from smart devices, and go a new direction. Take time to develop healthy wireless
frequencies and still use technology less and learn more about Nature/Mother Earth, which was always copied when technology was developed...

A true, frog in boiling water syndrome. I miss a startak Motorola LOl.
Bredda, mi a tell you, nature vibes a call me, nothing like being intune with mother earth. Gotta detach more often but business have to run. But fo real, we run tings , tings nuh run we.

Yesir...Mother Earth is the Way! :)
Yo, i'm running my old samsung slider cool..haha.
Dumb Smart Devices ;)

Emancipate yourself from mental slavery,
None but our self can free our minds.

That seems like the appropriate quote here. :)

There is no escaping the system. Even if you go completely off grid in a cabin in the woods, sooner or later the system will catch up. The trick is to always be aware of the fact that you are in a system and live in harmony with it while being alert. Question everything.

Been a long time since I heard a Sizzla tune. Brings me back to the reggae and dancehall nights in the club I went to in my teen years. Thank you for that.

True dat, we can escape in the mind and not let it get to us, but as long as we are living, some part of us has to be in the system. Yes, don't let the system get to you but learn to work within in it to benefit you and yours.

Been listening to Sizzla a bit recently ( free 2 months spotify 😄 ) Reminds of my teen days too, especially this tune.

ah yeah, a nice and slow one perfect to pull up to someone's bumper 😂

This one was really popular for a while. I think worldwide.