A key to a wise and joyful life!

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How could we cope with self-knowledge right now? The answer to this question is the constant consideration of the reality of our trend, as it is constantly developing in our daily experience. In general, this coherent approach is essential. In any case, we must be prepared to face reality, if not to run; and that in itself is reprehensible evidence. Certainly, truth is often tortuous, and we human beings have an intrinsic tendency to stand out through a method of interruption and recklessness or denial and extravagant, which are obstacles to truth. However, overwhelming by what it is worth, this test requires a detachable demonstration of clarity, in which we put at the forefront of our consciousness that we continue the very parts of our work with those to whom we are struggling to adapt.

This new interest - which invites us to treat our undesirable facts in a sensible and courageous way - must not be left behind. We have opportunity and strength and, in that sense, an obligation to help us adapt to the situation. With this effect, we must increase our adaptability, although this is an essential condition for our ability to learn. As already mentioned, this ability to learn is in itself the key to the process of self-revelation, of a wise and joyful life.

The uplifting news is that our humiliating inadequacies combine with qualities they are happy to compensate for. One of these characteristics is our inherent flexibility. Although it usually goes well beyond our assumptions or is terribly obvious, it may very well be created to the degree that we are struggling with various difficulties due to some ingenious changes.

In the meantime, we can be strongly encouraged by the case of others who have shown incredible versatility or are able to adapt to critical bombs and afflictions. In any case, this ruthlessness as a substitute is always suitable to be challenging and weakened. Others are not us, although they can give us some qualities and normal encounters. In general, we can see the meaning of your model, no doubt. In other words, trust in our human resources, both physically and mentally, is more empowering when they come from convenient information about these resources because we practice them effectively.

A similar explanation can be made in relation to anyone who cares about human instinct as a whole. To the extent that it is acquired only through exercises that have been granted to us by other people who have built it, it feels conceptual and empty, hardly authentic, largely questionable. It could broaden the horizon of our interest, beyond the scope of our current observational information, and make us less satisfied or pompous in an increasingly modest word. Taking all things into account, it tends to be useful. Ultimately, the most importantly safe means for self-revealing is our reality as a reflective object of perception. This is particularly evident in view of our extraordinary independence, which is completely outside the field of training.

To be precise, our unique mix of skills and limitations, requirements, and desires and commitments, we are more satisfied with the right decisions to achieve prosperity and true serenity. Of course, this probability does not avoid the risk of mistakes or disappointments, which identified with the relentless task of our vision: a work that is deeply rooted in progress and simply stops at death. But randomly, where we are blessed enough to withstand these slides or disappointments, we can take advantage of them and increase our chances of success later with joy and euphoria.


Our adaptability is the key to an intelligent and joyful life
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