Torum XTM roadmap presale, airdrop, price, and website explained + new Weedcash clan for cross posts

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TORUM XTM (Beta) is in its presale phase due to this fact the users are somewhat confused as to how much its valued at and why they cant redeem or transfer their earnings. I have tracked down the information to help solve these questions and more


XTM an ERC20 is in presale/airdrop so while I cant yet trade it I was able to ascertain a price by first calculating the price % reduction for number of XTM received. I came to roughly $0.04 USD a little over. unfortunately I read their medium article after this that had a price point of $0.05 USD but at least my math checked out .The Presale is to conclude in July 2021.


Their website/blog is already active in beta you can repost your blog posts regardless of subject mater excluding porn I think but I'm unsure. Just been on there site reposting my hive content for 1 month today and if their price point remains the same I already made $30.


This airdrop is eligible for any TORUM users and will be continuing until further notice.
The reward for this airdrop: 100 XTM ($5)
You must have a TORUM account before participating in this airdrop.
TORUM is only supported on desktop and laptop and you can create an account in less than 3 minutes by visiting:
How to obtain:
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  • Fill up this form: and you are complete.
    Note: This airdrop might take 3–5 days to be reflected in your TORUM account.
  • More to come

    According to their road map 2021 is going to be a busy year with the trading or selling of users assets scheduled for July. The airdrop ongoing and Staking and mining features to be introduced as well as NFT markets and frankly to much to name.



    I took the initiative and made a clan to cross post all your Weedcash posts there are already a few for Leo finance but I'm thinking of adding a (hive stock image) clan. As well as Splinterlands which shockingly is unrepresented so I believe a 1st is in order as required by internet law. I post mostly marijuana content

    but occasionally some useful stuff like my Leo posts and the community seems to like both shockingly enough someone used my hive and cryptobrewmaster referral.

    Torum has a active crypto community judging by the number of people using my referrals 4 so far and how many questions i get regarding Weedcash and hive a vastly under taped resource.


    My referral link gets new users 75 XTM according to the prices I found /calculated that's roughly $3.75 USD.
    TORUM etherscan
    White paper