After learning some basic concepts in Python, now I wanted to move on with Java and wanted to be well versed in this language. I want to do some big projects in java although it may take some time. The above is my first code in java. As usual, programming in every language starts with "Hello World". Same with mine lol.

There are many reason I choose java as my programming language. It has rich API with many libraries for your project development. After it was introduced in 1996, upto recently it has been gaining many popularity due to many improvements in the programming part. This is the best language if you want to build any projects for diveres domain like retailers, mortgage company, health care, insurance, bank, trading company and so on. Furthermore there's a Java community that assists you in solving your java related problems and that sought to bring more technological improvements to Java.


It's nice to be getting to learn something new. There always this great feeling when you become better with what you are doing and this comes with consistency. Nice work, and I hope you do better in your learning process.

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