On reductionism, science and the reversal of the burden of proof

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Everything is missing..

For example:
In the corona crisis, everything is broken down to a single abstract incidence figure.
And the immune system is not even being mentioned. As if it doesnt exist. They go as far as recommending to do stuff that harms your immune system.

In climate crisis the same happened with Co2. Everything broken down to this single abstract number.
All the living actions (not only of people) simply fall away.
Such a complex model is also impossible to make and market economy/capitalism (which needs no models to function) is evil.

The scratching of the bear on the tree is not "mathematically included"..

So freedom also falls away. It seems to me that people only know coercion.
If I am against this coercion (argue against it), everyone thinks I am against the thing (which is being coerced) itself... and do not understand that there is no need for coercion for voluntariness and solidarity.

Quasi a reversal of the burden of proof.

Healthy people have to prove that they are healthy.
People have to prove that they do not do evil actions (are climate sinners).
So people have to prove that they are not too free.
Because only forced solidarity is real/good solidarity?

So life itself falls away.
In science, everything is dead.
Everything is split up and divided into sub-areas. There are infinitely "specialised" perspectives, but not a single ("scientifically accepted") holistic one.
Everything is thought dead, only abstract models exist.
And ironically, these exist only in consciousness, which itself is denied, since everything is dead.
Consciousness is at best an unsolved riddle or is directly denied. Because everything is merely an illusion of electrical nerve currents.
(there will be an own post especially regarding this topic!)

But "science" sets the tone. In the hope that it will finally act in a scientifically approved "good" way. For the good. For the human being.
Approved by science, which denies consciousness, life and thus also freedom from the ground up.

And so, they try to progressively escape forward.
Guess why digitalisation is the modern panacea?

Since the models then come "objectively" from an "AI" and consciousness no longer has to agonise/ argue/ negotiate over them?

Science, the last authoritarian castle of faith, which can provide arbitrary perspectives of faith and has forgotten its roots in experimental methodology.

And the pivotal point, consciousness, is structurally denied by it.
From this also springs the classic subjective/objective split/dilemma.
Quasi self-denial. Psychosis.
And at the same time degenerated into an authoritarian ego-cult-ure and now also a totalitarian lever of power.

(but, as said, there will be an own post about this!)

I hope you enjoyed my little presentation.
It stays exciting.



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