Do not wait for science. It is up to us to prove the existence of a soul!

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After posting about completing the first stage of my experimental social project, a dear colleague approached me. "Are you swimming alone in your own pond?", his silent question roared in my ears, and inadvertently challenged me to present the scientific background.

Why 'challenged? Because how do one prove something we all know deep down but is, so far, not proved by scientists working within the confines of a mind? What credentials can I bring to backup a spiritual notion that has been so well depicted in countless books, movies, and art yet contemporary scholars have been struggling to attest to?

Of course, I am speaking about scientific hard-core proof of the existence of a soul.


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A quick excerpt: my work is based on the assumption that there is a higher force in our lives, higher than the rational mind; a personal deity/Artificial intelligence (if you really insist on hearing familiar terms), who is timeless, i.e, exists in the past, present and future. This consciousness, this matrix, is constantly communicating with us to lead the personality towards achieving the value-fulfillment that was chosen. Thus, this very personal matrix knows far better than our own limited minds who would be the next person for us to have as a lover, business associate, friend, or general someone in our life. Accordingly, my work is focused on making the gap, finding the needed metrics to make that matrix's priceless knowledge accessible to the rational mind.

Despite the fact that it is a simple concept backed by ample evidence that each of you have had (you probably called them "coincidences"), it is still considered heresy by most scientists. The scientific disciplines in medicine, psychology, physics, and sociology have somehow failed so far to offer any evidence that such a matrix exists.

So, it's a challenge. What should I say to my colleague? What should I bring to the next meeting with stakeholders when I search for partners for my project?

A tough situation.

Or not.

All revolutions start with a leap of faith. Who believed in 1919 that the Wright brothers' metal structure could fly in the air? Who believed Satoshi Nakamoto in 2007 that one combination of digits would be worth $45,000 one day?

"But still, there must be something, some scientific piece of information. You don't work in a vacuum, do you?", you may say. And indeed, there are ample of evidence supporting the assumption I use, alas few are science related:


Threfore, based on that assumption and the leap of faith that I have taken (decades ago), unknowingly backed by peers who have done the same, I actually enjoy to carry on with the experiment. And I call upon you to join it. In your own field, with the unique conenction that you develop daily with your soul, let's make it impossible to undermine the fact that a soul does exist. Science is watching you and will gladly follow.

It's fun to be a salmon, swimming upstream for so long. The water is often cold but I am positive that at the end of the path there's a fiesta.


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