traditional weapons left during the war of 1937

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war always leaves the deepest sorrow and all events that have occurred will be recorded in history. I'm at my distant friend's place, because I haven't been for a long time met so I took the time to come to his house. when I arrived there my brother was holding a traditional weapon left over from war.

after I was greeted by my brother, We sat together to talk because we haven't seen each other in a long time. The two of us have a lot to talk about. While sitting my brother noticed a relic weapon he had found when his house was being built. I asked him how old this gun was. he replied that the age of this weapon was around 96 years. then in the story about the war that occurred in Sumatra against the Dutch who wanted to seize the crops there. I told my brother, didn't the Dutch use guns at that time. he answered yes, but the people used to be very brave if there was a group or another country that wanted to seize the red spice produce, they would defend their rights to the last drop of blood.

He said there were many traditional weapons used by the people of Sumatra in the past. Starting from machetes, rencong, bamboo spears and other weapons. Then I told him why do you know that the age of the traditional weapon is 96 years. He said there are people in this village who know a lot about the history of the past. So all the old war stuff he knows and the person who said this is 73 years old. He knows a lot of past history. After talking at length with my brother so I can see these relics. Please see the photo that I share below the traditional Sumatran weapons.










do you like the relics of the past, if you like it please comment on this post. See you in the next post. greetings @kudfa


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