What Makes Humans Unique Among the Animals?

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What is it that makes humans unique?

Is it opposable thumbs? Certainly not.

It must be language then? Nice try!

Self Awareness? The Mirror Self-Reflection test disproved that, and we've found that crows are aware of their own knowledge. Mostly this one we're unable to explore since we can't communicate with most other animals, even the ones with clear languages.

Frank Herbert's Dune featured a device called the Gom Jabbar, a small poisoned needle on the end of a thimble. The Bene Gesserit, a semi-secret society of courtesan-sorceresses have a test to decide if someone is human. Their hand is placed into a box that stimulates the nerves to induce just about every kind of pain possible, not doing any actual harm to their body. If they pull their hand from the box, they are immediately injected by the Gom Jabbar, and die.

An animal will, of course, pull it's hand from the box. Only a human will leave its hand in the box, because their conscious awareness can override biological imperatives like avoiding pain.

"It kills only animals, Let us say I suggest you may be human. Steady! I warn you not to try jerking away. I am old, but my hand can drive this needle into your neck before you can escape me."
―Reverend Mother Gaius Mohiam

What would you say makes humans unique among the animals?

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Unfortunately most things that make humans unique to animals are negatives rather then positives, maybe the very human desire to evolve and develop to greater things - although this has its own negatives.

Thank you for the Witness vote, very much appreciated.