Can Human Nature Ever Be Changed? And If So, Should It Be And Why?(Abundance.Tribe's BiWeekly Question)

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We humans are designed, built and meant to have a characteristics, features, way of life, attitudes, belief and opinion which is the fundamental to how our personalities and originality is being formed, so the human nature are the desires, instincts and core imbuements of which were created and expected to act or live by. In life there are generally circumstances that we face and this brings out our nature, in the face of ignorance, a human is expected to react in a particular way, in the fact of fear, a need to survive, a need to feed, sexual desires and even our ways of thoughts there's an expected way through which we're supposed to react to a particular confrontation or situation facing us. and the truth is that human nature can only be suppressed it cannot be changed and I'll tell you why.

Some of the things we love to do are communicate, create, survive express dominion, express our thoughts, give our opinions, respond to actions performed to us or vice versa and inasmuch as there's a positive aspect to this, there are also negative aspects to this. Generally, we're built to be suppressed by our conscience, but then our natural self/nature is often set as the default core original entity of who we are. That's why a child reacts differently from adult, their dispensation and disposition are still unrefined they don't have the ability to yet discern what's good or bad and their pure reactions to things, happiness, sadness or anger. In expressing anger for example a child can throw tantrums, they express their thoughts in a natural raw form without including perception filters.



Our mind is the most powerful and important aspect to us and most times our human nature emanates from how we use our mind, before we can cultivate an attitude or belief or even a survival instinct, it's all present in the mind. It is how our nature is being formed, **it's the rawest and intangible version of us that instigates our desires, wants and needs and that's why our quest or search for answers, science and technological advancements** *no matter how detrimental it may become.* Some of our nature allows us to be selfish, inasmuch as we can be liberal, kind, compassionate or even loyal we can also be crude, devastating, vengeful, destructive and domineering now while we are naturally the later, we become the former because we're built in with a conscience that naturally neutralises our original form, making us better in the process.

I believe human nature's needn't be changed and this is because it can't be changed it'll be like deleting or scraping or tapping into the essence through which we're made-up of. While surgeries can be done on the brain to correct some anomalies, we cannot effect change to our mind by doing any surgery to it, it's an indivisible and incandescent part of us that's makes up the core people we are and this is the reason why we can't change human nature, however there's a catch; it can be suppressed. Enacting our other superlative form comes when we see or have two voices in our head trying to escape into our actions. We only feel the need to be suppressed euphemised or made less potent is because in our most vile or raw form we can totally create havoc. Sometimes a good person with genius creativeness can be beaten or bettered or bested by someone with evil genuity this is because in our evil state we're relentless while In our better form we are not.

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In circumstances when people feel they've changed themselves, this is actually not true, they only numb that aspect of them that can be harmful to them and the human society at large. We have only come so far as humans because we have chosen to be civilised. Our core nature self when fully released can be our end and that of our universe and this is why we have things like laws and order which expects us to act or conform or behave in a particular extent irrespective of what we originally intended to do and this is a step towards keeping our excesses in check. When you look at the world currently you'll still see things like nuclear war, racism, violence and many more but then in the past it was more devastating. This proves that as we evolve as humans there's a tendency we suppress our nature even more but then it could be different and usher us into a dystopian future. All in all this proves our nature is a core representation of us and can't be taken away but only suppressed

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I love reading your articles and visiting your blog there are lot of fact in your write-up they are very meaningful and useful kudos friend

Thanks for dropping by to read I'm grateful

@josediccus, In my opinion Definition Of Change will exist when Definition Of Reality exist.

Life is a complete mystery and way of life is a choice. And definition of Way Of Life differs person to person mostly influenced by Life Experiences.

Have a abundant time ahead and stay blessed always.