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RE: Q micro/macro blog : from Digital Nationalism and Anti-Intellectualism to Leo's microblogging service

Woooow .... Hiiiii @edje, I think the same thing happens to almost all of us, overwhelmed with occupations, sometimes it takes us out of what we want to do, as long as there is an organization of our person everything will continue to flow in a good way, I liked it read your article.

Due to my love for music as well as my daily curation rounds in this side of HIVE, it was this section hat had to deal with my presence mainly. Not sure if the artists and fans liked it, but I did 🤣.

hahaha take advantage of that and enjoy it, you are certainly doing what you like, the important thing is to keep up to date and above all be very happy 😉


Ah yea, time is passing by quick 🙃

Not everything in the area of engagement was what I choose to do myself. Read and commented to so many users that never returned anything. I started this full focus enegament to wake up users. Some did, more kinda did, and many didn't. Since this week, I took a step back and only engage with those I had pleasant chats with, and to posts I really want to repsond to. Became a bit more quite at my end, which leaves me some time for writing one or two posts again and finish a piece of truly random 'art' (can't call it art, but I suppose it is part of that section; a may share this sometime in the future). Along the way, my character count in my comments seem to increase again to come cloase to the size of a post 🤣

Thanks for dropping by 🙃

haha I understand you, it is bad to leave an opinion and not receive any response, I have realized that many here do not value any comment and most always leave an empty answer, that at the end one says "Wtf"? hehe, if I realized that you are more human in that aspect, you see and appreciate the content, that's why I became your follower, I hope you don't change, more people are needed so hehe without a doubt an example @edje, blessings for you friend !! ;)

Owww I will always repsond to comment to my own posts, don't you worry. I intend to continue commenting to other users posts as well, those that are in for a little chit chat, on serious topics, or just for having fun and anything in between 😎

Ok hehe it's good to know, good luck friend, good day! ;)