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Well, thats a good question :) In principle I'm not against such experiments. It'll need to be volunteers though. Purely based one own will. We need think of something that'll guarentee that. As you already mentioned, there will always be people around who like to embark on such experiment.

I am amazed and shocked not with how robots are becoming more able but how humans are becoming more disabled

Yea, this is something really strange with us humans. We're getting too lazy. Intelligence is not always leading species in the right direction. In fact, I'm pretty sure we are getting dumber by the second. But as a collective, we are not getting smart, more the opposite. Such dependence in technology, and how quick that has gone. Though I kow very well still the times before a personal computer, or phone. It's unthinkable to be without one of each today. Can't remember any phone number anymore, not even the one from my employer I got 3 years ago. Soon, and we don't have to do anything anymore, we always have some AI around helping with our schedule and tasks, maybe do all our tasks. Then we will be not a lot dependent on tech anymore, but 100% (guess we are already enroute).

Both "Black Mirror" and "Westworld", I didn't watch. Maybe I should :)


You definitely should :) BM is easier to follow, independent episodes. WW requires more attention for different timelines; although have some unnecessary and boring parts, at the end is worth it :) I also recommend Russian series Better than us. Enough homework for now, you.ll get new one when finish this ;P

Thanks :) Added the russian one to the top of the list as well, where BM and WW are already marked ;)