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A lot of times we've strayed away from what matters, our ideals, our values even our goals. The point here is finding our way back no matter what.

These past days have been filled with reflection for me and I have come to understand that I've been taking a lot of things for granted.

There's this saying, "what you leave, leaves you." Which means, if you let something alone or dormant for a while, that part of you dies and it can be quite hard to find it again.

Today, I revisited one of my favorite posts by @josediccus; Why you couldn't create good contents in 2021, why you still wouldn't in 2022.

In this post, he talks about the dynamism of the Blockchain and blending with it. To be honest, while I read that post again this morning, i could honestly say that I've not been bending or floating enough with the Blockchain. Is this because I don't love the Blockchain? No. It's just because like he had mentioned in his post, I have failed to train myself at mental multitasking.

It's one thing to be fully involved and another when you have to divide your attention especially when it comes to matters of home, school and personal concerns.

A lot of times, I've found myself hungering for more, to do more to the point I stress a lot but then when you have various concerns you have to deal with and just don't have the strength to prioritize them, it can be a disaster.


However, I am glad I revisited that post. This just reminded me of a story I published in the Inkwell about goals and finding one's self.

Priorities matter. Over the past few days, my priorities shifted more than five times. It was like a cycle of constant chase. While I sort out this one, something new pops up and it would be downright depressing.

But looking back now, I see I have misplaced a lot of things. You know there's this stress that comes with not doing the right thing? Yeah. Taking the time to rearrange and finding myself would be very hard. That I know.

But it's also important that as I reconstruct my life, I let in the possibility of other branches of learning. Limiting oneself can be the ultimate recipe for disaster.

But when it comes down to it, what I'm actually saying is, I'm willing to learn all over again if that's what it takes. I'm willing to be clueless again, still finding my way. I don't think we can ever outgrow what we know because what we know today would change the very next day but it was still yesterday.



I was wondering where you went, I wasn't seeing your posts, I was thinking if my votes came through. But then it hit me. I was thinking you were preoccupied with things that could have shifted your concentrations, maybe real-time issues. These things are inevitable. Im glad you're talking about them

Trust me bringing them to thr Blockchain was a tug of war. I have this tendency to lock things up and not talk about them at all. I just hope to improve. That said... Can you drop your discord? I'd like to be friends if you don't mind.

Yeah, I understand. I try to refrain from talking about my issues too but then, sometimes this place becomes a listening ear, even if nobody's paying attention, I Just ramble on.

Can you drop your discord? I'd like to be friends if you don't mind.

Yeah of course, its josediccus#1599

Being honest with one’s self and admiring that you haven’t been giving your best short create room for self improvement.I feel this way sometimes and the last paragraph resonates with me.
Thank you for sharing.
Hope you had a good day.

Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving such a beautiful comment. Means a lot to me

I love this! Very relatable and inspirational!

Thank you 😊

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