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RE: The Incredible Edible 🌳 Suriname Cherry πŸ’

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That's a lot of vitamin C for sure... I wonder why I've never seen these in Thailand. Send me some seeds over here hehe. Nothing beats the satisfaction of picking fruits off of trees in the neighborhood for free. When I lived in Poland the cherries would come in the summer all at the same time and were very cheap sold on the street. They were super sweet and juicy. Sometimes the strawberry season would overlap and I was in fruit bliss.

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Hey @chrisinphuket. Yes, a ton of Vitamin C in these small fruits. Unfortunately here in Suriname, the fruits are pretty limited. Dragonfruit is so expensive, we haven't even purchased one yet.

Do they grow dragonfruit there? Its also relatively expensive here. I saw rather large farms with lights on at night in Vietnam. The ones I've had here don't have too much taste compared to other fruits.