Beautiful sunsets created by chemical trails affecting our health and wellbeing

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This post is not a debate about chem trails, this is not about "conspiracy theories" or having to wear my tin hat.

Lines in the sky caused from the vapor fuel of planes are full of harmful gases just like car fumes. This isn't about there being any extra conspiracy: geo engineering or otherwise

Although I'm open to all ideas, I know many people are not and I received alot of backlash on FB posting about "chem trails"


I still call them chem trails despite the negative connotations to conspiracies because they are exactly that.

This extract taken from a report which you can find in full here

"Airport personnel are at risk of occupational exposure to jet engine emissions, which similarly to diesel exhaust emissions include volatile organic compounds and particulate matter consisting of an inorganic carbon core with associated polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, and metals. Diesel exhaust is classified as carcinogenic and the particulate fraction has in itself been linked to several adverse health effects including cancer."


So I think its fair to assume that if you have alot of chem trails over your head your probably breathing in some of the toxic vapor released by the planes.


Despite this car pollution is still far worse, contributing to 10% of co2 emissions whereas planes are approximately around 3%

Its also more environmentally to take long distance travel by plane than by car however short trips are not.

As someone who is very concerned about the environmental health impact of toxic fuel driven vechiles, I personally try to use these forms as transport as little as possible.


I've never owned a car and barely drive them, I do have a licence but I just don't like it. I believe there could be more high tech safer and healthier alternatives to transport out there.
The electric cars at this point are not enough for me since they exploit people in the mines of Africa.


I do however love trains but there are alot of limitations on them, they could also be designed better especially in a way that would make seating areas more private like being in your own car, being inside a private and potentially sanitized pod to help people who are worried about the spread of viruses.

Having commuted on the trains for years I do think it would be a good way to upgrade the facilities. I used to get very sick sharing a confined space with other sick people for over an hour. And I have noticed I have not been sick as much since I stopped traveling to work everyday on the train. I also think working in an office with dirty and mouldy Aircon filters contributed to this also, they have these on the train too.


And of course I would love to see air travel upgraded and more research into fuels that are not so toxic.

What do you think of our transport systems currently? What do u think of toxic gases and co2 around you?



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