WISDOM - The 'Principle' Thing...

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Most seem to carry a personal sense of being smarter than they actually are; I may be no exception. Yet... I'm wise enough to have been consulted by God a few times over the years, when he was somwhat stumped or undecided.

The fist time God asked my opinion about something was long before I was born - way back in those seven days of creating the universe. I was still just a happy, little, cute Cherub flapping around Heaven at the time...

He wanted to know my opinion about whether to give birds and primates one leg or two. Since he never likes to waste time and energy, God wanted to speed the process up by giving us all just one leg, except for bugs... Insects legs were tiny, so his rational was that they were easy and quick to make. Besides... since he wasn't going to give fish any legs, that would compensate time-wise for multiple bug legs.

Creepy-crawlers were designed with skinny legs. The creator figured that by giving them multiple legs, they would be stronger, faster and more interesting as well.

As far as the furry animals go, he had already decided to give most of them four legs, mostly to help set them apart from being mistaken as human beings. In this way, horney homosapiens would be less likely to engage sexually with the wrong species...

It all made quite a lot of sense to me at the time and has seemingly worked out fairly well to this very day.

God decided to leave a few animals with only two legs, like kangaroos, rabbits etc. simply for variety. He created their prototype with only one leg originally and they could only hop around. Another reason he decided to add a leg to them, was because they had balance problems staying upright - constantly falling over, sideways.

He considered giving them fatter feet to solve the problem, but I convinced him to just add an additional leg for stability; which he did. Oddly... these creatures still prefered to hop, even though they didn't have to...??? This phenomenon remains a mystery to me. God knows why, I'm sure, but refuses to devulge the reason; so I stopped asking.

Now, getting back to those birds... he pretty much gave them a second leg for the same reason as kangaroos and other hoppers, yet, many of these birds continue to hop as well, by choice. Additionally... the flamingo often stands on one leg, as if it's old single legged programming, remained intack...?!?!?!?!? Nobody understands this. We just assume that God has his reasons for not completely changing that line of code...


Since I've been cast out, into this earthy abyss, God hardly ever asks my opinion about things any longer. He keeps in touch though, so for that I'm grateful.

Recently, he asked what I thought he should do about these Fauci, Bill Gates characters and their cohorts; all acting so devilishly evil, by way of greed and sardonic quest for power, causing mass illness and death through weaponization of Nature?

"Should I eradicate them, like the infectious disease they, themselves have become upon my beautiful earth...?"

I answered with, "Maybe it's time Lord...??? Few would miss them and I suspect, most would cheer..."

"Maybe you should act in a matter of which brings change to their hearts instead, or simple defeat by way of mysterious forces for the good of this world?"

'Wisdom is the principle thing' (as written) and through wisdom, we mortals can gain understanding.

I'm still seeking wisdom...

Thanks for asking, but this time around, I think the answer you truly want is not one coming from an anguished, earthly mind; of which I'd be inclined to give, through lack of understanding...

...What sayeth you, my Hive friends...???



Dec. 14, 2021

Images: Pixabay.com


Yeah i remember ,.. i am only here because i agreed with Samael that creating Adam was a bad move , especially because it meant the total elimination and destruction of the Jinn ,.. the first race created on Earth .
I dared to question God ,. why destroy something strong and then create a very weak substitute like "humans" ,.. and why keep that new race in secrets .
And c'mon God , admit it , Adam was a dick , rejecting the creation of Lilith like he did ,.. but worse .. you God , taking orders from Adam over the freedom and life of a individual thinking autonomous creation with great potential .

As a lesser entity God could silence me , and others , with ease .. getting us trapped on this planet ,... the plan was set up from the start ,.. all that could see true and oppose God's way's where fallen to Earth or destroyed . Hell is on the Earth .

But no worry's , as the time has come ,.. after ages i can finally speak free . No longer being pitchforked , torched , burned , hanged or just killed for my words is a positive , it made me evolve so much further then i ever did .
I got thing's covered , i go above God , i will summon natural universal common sense , show God that i stand above his divine ,... by not as he , be a hypocrite .
And he knows , it's my last round , throwing shit all at me ,.. my life was shortened for reason's known by the universe , God gave me 150 years ,.. just to buy himself some time . I thank God for the time given ,.. let's evolve some more . ;-)

If you think about it all mammals actually have 4 legs, except with primates their front legs ended up being arms.

Yes, Mike... I have thought about that, but it's a bit convoluted when considering the earthlings who designated names to all these things, which often within 'science' are mere postulations/theories...!?!?!?!?

Koala Bears are a prime example. Their front "legs" look and function more like arms and hands. They're refered to as "mammals" (Marsupials...) Mankind has a habit of screwing things up when it comes to language. Maybe the term "limbs" is a better general designation...??? I'll cast the thought out to the heavens and see if I get a response😎
Thanks for your input Mr. Ninja...

Grrr... and I'd only.just stopped thinking of bloody rabbits. Long story, but I'm more worried about rabbit plague than that other thing.

Hello Ms. @RiverFlows... Don't worry about the 'Rabbit Plaque' too much; it's only transmissable to humans if you kiss them on the lips, after they've licked their butts clean...regardless what those fear mongering scientists say...!!!

oh phew!!!!!!! because I will never, ever, every kiss a rabbit!!!!! Well, maybe when no one is looking...


I think I understand the 7 day thing now, and why people have to wait 7 days for payout, Ned, three letters same number of letters as God, Dan, three letters, same number as God.

Nuw my real question oh wise one, ?Why the long flat Platypus Nose?

Hi @bashadow... Thanks for stopping by...

I think I understand the 7 day thing now, and why people have to wait 7 days for payout, Ned, three letters same number of letters as God, Dan, three letters, same number as God.

That's quite an astute observation, my friend. Seems you've uncovered and devulged a hidden aspect of Hive's creation; modeled - in part - utilizing biblical referances...!?!?!?!?

'Platypus' long, flat snouts are there for a variety of reasons. One is for when foraging for food along the bottom of waterways; it is useful to dig out small prey hiding under the setiment...(like a shovel)

There also are electrosensors under the skin of their bills of which they can detect prey at a distance, by way of electrolocation, because they close their eyes, nose and ears when swimming - like my aunt Matilda used to do when she dived into a vat of fermenting beer, at uncle Harry's furniture store...

A platypus also has few teeth, so the long, wide mouth helps the poor animal to trap and hold helpless little creatures prior to devouring. It's also handy for latching onto your leg and stinging you with the burrs on their ankles. The males can secrete a venom, known to be very painful to whimpy homosapiens who may be attempting to capture the animal.

I hope this info helps; it's all I can remember at the moment about platypus duck-like bills... Send 350 HBD to my wallet if you need more information, to help with food expenses for the homeless cats that expect a handout from me...

Keep warm and well up there in the far northland, buddy...

I did not know about the stingers on the critters, I find myself a little short on HBD lately, so it may take me awhile to gather the fee together.

Okay... send the coin at your own convenience... my wallet is very patient...


And then god made axolotls because he made the mistake of dropping acid the day before.

Oh and when you next get an audience can you ask him why my cat uses my laptop as a bed and why he refuses to vacate even for food...

God did well in creating such cute creatures like axolotls...@rubido, dude...
Just be joyful the cat uses your laptop as a bed, rather than as a litterbox...!!! You ungrateful heathen...!!!

Aye axolotl are pretty awesome, and when you put it like I that I am grateful. When he gets pissed off he shits on the wife's pillow , fuckin hilarious

One of my cats once sprayed me right in the face...!!! It wasn't enjoyable...!!!


He got a long, stern warning for that sick, little joke...!!!

And frogs, makes'em bottom heavy. Like chicken.

😎 You got'z dat right my friend... You know stuff... I'm always impressed.

That's two refreshing returns on the same day. The Luckiest Guy I Know strikes again.

What'd the neighbors get each other for Christmas?

What'd the neighbors get each other for Christmas?

I'm still trying to find out...!!! They refuse to tell me; I think it's embarrassing like sex toys or something like that. So far I can't find any store receipts going through their trash. Probably shopped online.

A big floppy suction cup one stuck on the door Christmas morning seems a suitable present for the neighbors.

A quite suitable AND useful suggestion @rubio... I shall contemplate the feasablility of such a gesture...😏

Always happy to provide some sensible gift suggestions, cause who needs another Christmas card

🎅 Ho-Ho-Ho...!!!

Imagine Kangaroos hopping with four legs they probably jump all the way to other countries to inflict others with hopping right into your car😱

Yeah... right across from Australia to NZ, then back again...!!!


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I don't think the people from the countryside where we are, got the memo about not having intercourse with 4 legged animals.
If you see god, tell him I just rolled a perfect one for him.

As for Bill and Fauci, they're goners, so it doesn't matter.

Man I feel bad for missing that post, it was delightful!