Making plasticine with kitchen materials

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Plasticine is a toy candle that can be carefully shaped by children. Playing with plasticine can increase children's imagination, hone their analytical skills, and practice problem solving from an early age. Currently, plasticine brands circulating in the community generally do not contain harmful ingredients, so they do not endanger children's health.

The way to make it is very easy, you don't need special skills, it's just that you need a mixture to be used, but to ensure the safety of the plasticine you make, it is very important for the materials you use. If we use salt or baking soda, don't add too much. The ingredients to be prepared are

Wheat flour
Cooking Oil
Warm air
Food coloringcoloring
After the materials we need are available, we will immediately refine them so that we can use them later. The first thing to do is mix the flour with the salt in the first bowl, the water and food coloring in the second bowl. Then pour the water and coloring solution into the first bowl containing flour, stir until smooth. Next, pour the plasticine dough onto a table or pedestal that has been sprinkled with flour, and then knead the dough until well mixed. That's how to make plasticine dough. The plasticine is ready to play.

The benefit of playing with candles or plasticine for children is that they can train creativity because there are unlimited creations that children can make from their toy candles. Creating an object from start to finish can also encourage children to expand their imagination and think in new, innovative ways. Playing with candles also helps kids spend hours practicing concentration while using a number of didras and skills in the process much better than letting kids play in front of the TV all day.


This is very instructive to play with kids


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Please ,since the plasticine is made up of wheat flour ,cooking oil.....etc is it edible?