Right or Wrong

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Once a professor asked a student:


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Has God made everything that exists?
Student: Yes sir
Then the professor asked: What about evil? Has God made evil also?
Then the student asked, May I asked you a question, sir?
Professor: Yes
Student: Does cold exist?
Professor: Yes, don’t you feel cold?
Student: You are wrong, sir. We define cold as the complete absence of heat and actually there is no cold and its just the complete absence of heat.
The student asked again, Does darkness exist?
Professor: Yes
Student: You are wrong again, sir. There is nothing like darkness. Its actually the complete absence of light according to physics. We can study light and heat, but not darkness and cold. Similarly, sir the evil does not exist. Its actually the absence of faith, love and truth. Believe in GOD.
The student was Einstein.
One of my inspiring personality in the field of science.