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To everyone interested in archeology and determining the age of the artifact. To everyone interested in history and the activity of ancient civilizations.

Have you ever asked yourself how the age of the artifact is determined and knowing from which time period it came and which historical civilization it follows? Did you ask how the age of civilization was determined?
The great Pharaonic civilization is seven thousand years!!!


In fact, it is very interesting to know the past and how man at that time was living? I share with you my passion for archeology and I try to tell you some information about this subject after studying many articles dealing with the same topic.

Credit goes to the chemist Willard Frank, who discovered the isotope carbon-14 atom, a radioactive substance used in the laboratory to determine the age of fossils... This discovery made him get the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1960.

Chemistry and Archeology

Carbon is an essential element in measuring the age of fossils and relics, which can sometimes be missed by 40,000 years. Carbon degrades over time. If we have an amount of it, after 5730 years, half of it will decay, and this is called the carbon half-life.
Carbon 14 in organic matter is eaten after a half-life of approximately 5,730 years, for example to determine the age of a fossilized tree by measuring the remaining carbon against its quantity in a living tree.


which is inside specialized laboratories where a sample of fossils to be studied is burned to become gas, and because carbon atoms decompose into nitrogen 14, they in turn release electrons monitored by radiation detector and thus obtain reliable scientific results for fossils.

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FR: Le carbone 14 est un élément radioactif utilisé pour la datation des objets. Quelle est la constante radioactive du carbone 14 ? Écrivez la réaction de désintégration du carbone 14, en précisant les produits formés.

EN: Carbon 14 is a radioactive element used for dating objects. What is the radioactive constant of carbon 14? Write down the decay reaction of carbon 14, specifying the products formed.

Thank you for all this information.. Have a nice day.

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