Traffic Jam on Bribe Island beach

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How's it going Hive?
So last weekend we had a day trip out on the beautiful Bribie Island beach in Queensland Australia.

Now the track out to the beach at Bribie , the sand can get a very soft, which is why it is crucial to let your tyer pressure down on your 4x4 when ever you are driving on the beach.
So you dont get bogged and stuck. But alot of people never let their tyres down and eventualy get bogged and completely stuck, where they will need help getting dug out or towed out with a snatch strap. And when someone gets stuck right in the middle of the enterance and exit track, it cause all kinds of problems for everyone at the beach like this day.

I flew my drone up to see what the hold up was and yep you guessed it, someone got stuck in the middle of the track which caused this huge straffic jam on the beach. The tide was coming in and we needed to get our cars of the beach befor there was no beach left. .

Luckily everyone was very helpfull and got them out in the nick of time, and we made it off the beach just in time befor the tide came in.

Looking forward to going back real soon!!

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The title for the post reads "Bribe Island"; So I thought your post would have something to do with government officials.

I imagined contractors and lobbyists with boat loads of cash floating up the the local government dispensary looking for the latest handouts.

I was able to find Bribie Island on a map.

The map shows a town on an island with a large beach. It looks like it would be a fun place for cycling ... but not for cars.


Haha I just realized the spelling mistake. Bribe island does sound like a haven for the government !LOLZ

Bribie island is perfect to drive up the beach and park up for the day. But is a pain getting off the beach when people get stuck.

Also a great place for cycling!

No wonder everyone's attracted to the earths center
It is pretty hot

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Why couldn’t the bike keep up with the car?
Because it was 2-tired

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I just voted for the new proposal,good luck !!

Thank you for your support @vcclothing, much appreciated!