Nurse Blacks Out On Live TV After receiving COVID 19 Vaccine - CHI Memorial Hospital

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The true nature of vaccine science is among the most heavily denied topic on Earth currently. So much so that many people are convinced vaccines are a gift from God and can do no wrong. The truth is quite the opposite, however, with billions of dollars having been paid out quietly to victims of vaccine injury/death - despite vaccine manufacturers being just about the only businesses excused from litigation in the event that their products cause harm.

In this video a nurse from CHI Memorial hospital ( in the US describes how she is excited at being among the first people to receive a new (rushed and statistically v. difficult to justify) COVID19 vaccine. Shortly after she describes being unable to focus, being dizzy and quickly collapses on the floor.

There is currently no update on her status, however, adverse reactions are far more common than the public has been led to believe. The VAERS database in the USA, which tracks adverse vaccine reactions is well known by the CDC to be wildly under-reported creating a false sense of security.

Please take your time to research this subject with an OPEN MIND and OPEN HEART, without allowing yourself to be shamed and guilted by ANYONE into accepting unnatural toxicity into your body unnecessarily.

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Is it reported how long after receiving the shot that this happened?

17 minutes...

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