Tesla: The Industry Leader (and no it is not EVs)

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A lot is made of Tesla. Many want to compare it to other car companies. This is a mistake.

In this video I discuss a field that Tesla could be poised to dominate.

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I think Tesla is going to be where GE used to be. I think GE went wrong by over diversifying. Tesla seems to be building synergy in its production. As you said, vertical integration. However, it's not just to produce cars. It also serves solar, storage, and probably even power transmission.

If households can sell off excess power, there is opportunity for other things. Imagine going on vacation and having your home help offset your travel costs because you aren't consuming all the power your home is producing. Perhaps your rental property has two sources of income.

There are even people thinking that Tesla may enter the home HVAC market because of their experience with Bioweapon Defense Mode on their cars.

If they can standardize and scale their component production across product lines, they may have cost advantages competitors cannot realize without cutting corners or deeply innovating.

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