Why Aren't People Flocking To Cryptocurrency?

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This is a difficult question to answer. However, one thing I did learn over the years is the pace of technology far exceeds the embracing of it by humans.

In this video I discuss how the push towards cryptocurrency could be mirroring other technological innovations and has to go through the same process.

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At least part of the answer @taskmaster4450 is our human nature tendency to always look for the "Easy Button" in life. The use of crypto is still quite complex for most people. Unless and until a proper motivation is provided to overcome that basic tendency, people tend to remain "stuck" there ...

Those of us who have been "in here" for awhile, can forget how steep that initial learning curve was. Just talking to a family member yesterday, she reminded me ... 😉

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It is a very steep learning curve. No doubt about it. Perhaps that is why I feel something like Dapplr could be a great entryway...it operates in a way people are accustomed.

Of course, it is also why I feel gaming is likely the breakthrough. Those tend to be a bit more technically advanced which could reduce the learning curve.

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Given all the activity, in the "cryptosphere," you and I can continue to hope it is only a matter of time, before the needed breakthrough(s) come to reach "critical mass."

Then, we'll be thankful we overcame the learning curve, when the price of entry was still relatively inexpensive.

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Having a very poor Network connection so, I can't watch at the moment.

To add, I think that with time and proper education, many will flock to cryptocurrency

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Every time a new technology has been introduced and succeeded, there has been a tipping point when the adoption comes from a minority to a massive usage due to the introduction of a minor change. As more and more projects are created and usability gets better as for instance the new @dapplr dApp just released for Hive, the tipping point for crypto gets closer and closer. This week Bitcoin meets banking in the US also brings us closer to the tipping point.

There is an excellent book from Malcolm Gladwell talking about this concept.


You are right. The Dapplr app could be a very good addition to Hive. It seems like the best mobile app to date and most mirrors what people are accustomed to with other mobile apps like Instagram.

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