As I Learn, As I Share - Beware of Crypto Frauds

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Hello Everyone,

So I am back to my online series on "As I Learn, As I share". (I apologize for the gap in between owing to some personal occupancy.). The series I started with the sole intenyion to share my knowledge and experince of crypto or blockchain related and help others. Already covered few topics, today I bring my experince about Crypto Frauds

Crypto world is the easiest targets for fraudsters. There are many smart hackers, phishers and scammers who easily sneak into any of their targets accounts and easily make a hole in their wallet. The only way to prevent is to be alert and keep yourself protected with strong password and strong wallet.

I share my views and also bitter experince of loosing $300 through scamming on this video. This is important you must be aware of this cruel practices. Hope you will learn and make yourself alert to avoid any of such occurrence.


Namaste @steemflow

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