UK Nurse Explains The Corona Virus PCR Test Fraud

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Time for taboo subjects.

This one was so controversional, YouTube took it down. However, I had downloaded a copy first - potentially anticipating such censorship from the corporate goliath - so here is it to live on.

There's been a significant amount of debate regarding the PCR test having been used to diagnose for coronavirus. Between stories that the test's creator himself implied it was not an effective means of testing for stuff like coronavirus - (and having conveniently "died" just a couple months before this whole covid plandemic, a fact some conspiracy theories have not taken with a grain of salt) - and serious question of the legitimacy with stories like that of the president of Tanzania having tested samples from a goat, quail, and papaya that came back positive, there are a rapidly growing number of scientists, doctors, and professionals questioning the official covid narrative - including whether the test itself it what has been claimed.

This following video from a nurse explaining how the test is a fraud had made some waves before getting taken down.

Some have claimed to debunk it.

Others have claimed to debunk the debunkers.

Where does the truth lie? Who fucking knows.

Nonetheless, it's quite probably that there may be at least some truth in her presentation worthy of open-minded consideration.

And perhaps even moreso, when moves have been made to silence her.

Take it with a grain of salt, or follow the governmental-corporate dictatorship's tyrannical lead and ignore it altogether should you choose. Either way, here it is for anyone interested... 🙏


It's immoral, everything that's happening with these tests! I had already read about the Tanzania case, but I had not seen this video. As for the so-called tests, some experts have said that either Covid19 is more infectious than scientists understand so far, or that the World Health Organization has been reporting wrong results. Here in Venezuela a case was reported of a 1-year-old boy who became infected and neither his mother nor his closest family has the virus. This is inexplicable. Especially since he's a child who can't even walk. Here the population has started to leave and seems to suspect that there is a cat in the bag. Maybe that's why, yesterday, the government left us 12 hours without internet. The truth could be a trail of gunpowder right now! Thanks for sharing, @rok-sivante. Nice day.

I saw the video clip as well, it was on Facebook, I heard YouTube banned or censored it whatever. But what I don't know is that those that perpetrate and come up with this idea of creating social distancing by manipulating things just to favor themselves stand to gain.

I heard that the covid19 pandemic is real but the number of the cases recorded is being increased and the vaccine didn't actually help the situation but only worsen it

thank you for saving this one!

your welcome. 🙏

Scrubs was the best show! I miss it so much. You know me, I am not the kind of person to dive too deep into conspiracy theories, but I definitely believe it is a pretty big coincidence that this guy died right before he was about to come out with his big reveal. A little too tacky if you ask me!