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hi - watching this - i'm about 17 minutes in. do you have the date when this was first made?

I'm not sure, though I'd guess it'd be probably 1-2 weeks ago...

You know what?
after I finished the video - I saw where it came from. I went to their site - and ended up watching 5 more videos last night!!! shared them out with a few people.

Nice. 😎🙏

there are a lot of interviews that happened recently - but his was from April.

and a lot of what he said - seems to have been avoided! so that's good - i hope that it was his voice that was finally heard.

but there were a few things that he said that I just didn't know! and it was mind-blowing. like i said - shared it out with some people - they were calling me yesterday - also mind-blown LOLOL

I'll be interested in seeing when that full film is ready!

Love hearing the feedback of this being passed on and blowing minds. 😇🙏

one person i shared it to- saw all the videos and said "I'M WATCHING THEM ALL" lololol

i plan on it too. i've been pretty up to date with a lot of the stuff that is harder to circulate - but some of this stuff - first time i'm hearing it!

thanks for sharing :)

Thanks for sharing. 💙