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I am connected to a national activist organization pushing back on the Covid Agenda. I know they receive reports from doctors and nurses that say just the opposite. The people being admitted to the hospitals in Canada are mostly the vaccinated suffering from adverse events.
This French virologist explains--


Are you also based in Canada? If so, what is the organization?

Oh nice. Looks like they’re focused here in BC too. 😎

Oh nice. Looks like they’re focused here in BC too. 😎

UM, nope. Would love to see the data on that. Why would hospital spokespeople, ER Dr's say the exact opposite? If you understand the slightest about vaccines and epidemiology you would know that vaccinations do not cause varients. The virus in the wild (in unvaccinated individuals) is where the mutations happen.

The latest Canada COVID weekly report

The epidemiology report found that 84.9 per cent of Canadians hospitalized with COVID-19 were unvaccinated, while 82.3 per cent of people who died hadn’t yet been jabbed.
Global News - https://globalnews.ca/news/8059996/almost-all-recent-covid-cases-unvaccinated/

Dr. Steve Flindall, an emergency physician at the Mackenzie Health Hospital in York Region, echoed those statistics and said a majority of patients coming into his hospital with COVID-19 have yet to get their shots.
Global News - https://globalnews.ca/news/8059996/almost-all-recent-covid-cases-unvaccinated/

We are going to see many, many more stories like this... keep pushing the BS.

Um Nope. You offer a Government website as proof of accurate data?! LOL. Your's is the Troll BS variant. It's well known by doctors that the reporting system in Canada is biased against accuracy. The true numbers are covered up by rejecting reports from doctors.


(posted above, but obviously you haven't watched it)

Top health expert says vaccinated people are spreading delta variant

Warning that fully vaccinated may be spreading Delta variant as cases rise across US

Did watch it. No definitive role for ADE in human coronavirus diseases has been established. Sure, research it but don't present a hypothesis as fact, that is irresponsible - much like spreading misinformation. And there is no clinical data yet to fully establish a role for ADE in human COVID-19 pathology. It's been shown that vaccinated people can spread the virus just as well as the unvaccinated but unvaccinated run a much higher risk of hospitalization and of death.

Argumentum ad lapidem - your links are proof of accurate data?! LOL. I don't think so.

"unvaccinated run a much higher risk of hospitalization and of death."
Us un-jabbed are doing just fine. The increase in emergency sirens in my area corresponds to the reports Action4Canada has received from hospital nurses: the jabbed are being admitted because of adverse reactions to the Covid shot--not the un-jabbed. If you think getting an unapproved for regular use experimental injection is going to help you--go right ahead and get it--I'll stick with my natural immune system.

What experimental injections. Nothing in Canada is classified as experimental. Or are you just amplifying the false misnomer that the vaccines are experimental in the US under the EAU designation? Now it's adverse reactions - what is it? Adverse reactions or COVID in vaccinated people? I've received reports @verite from many hospitals nurses, doctors that there are more unvaccinated being admitted to ICU as we speak. Really? Anecdotal data? I can play that game too.

"Nothing in Canada is classified as experimental."
Yes, they are experimental--not only the FDA didn't approve them for general use, but Health Canada hasn't either. However they are approved for emergency use under The Interim Order.
This is why they kept renewing the emergency orders in the provinces. Now that some have cancelled them they are in violation of the Nuremberg code. How they get around this is when you get the jab you have to sign a consent form that means you are consenting to be a test subject for this human trial and have contracted to receive all shots for the trial period. Therefore since you consented the Government and the Vaccine makers have no liability.

"I've received reports"--You say?------------PLEASE.

What are we arguing for?--go get your jabs if you believe in them. I will refrain from getting poisonous Graphene Oxide in my bloodstream.

The "experimental" label that you keep throwing on the vaccines is simply not true. The vaccines are approved for use in Canada. You don't seem to understand the purpose of the Interim Order and are trying hard to obfuscate others to it's purpose along with the EUA. The Nuremburg code does not apply as the vaccines have been trialed, with appropriate ethics in place. It's being deployed and used globally. I took the vaccine with informed consent. No one jabbed me in the middle of the night with out me knowing.

My saying I've received reports is no less valid then you saying you have received reports. You have the data or do we just have to "trust" you?

I'm not arguing, simply pointing out that you are pushing misguided and completely wrong information.

There is no Graphene Oxide nanoparticles in the COVID vaccines.

Much worse then a clown show unfortunately 😵

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