Using Internet Is Not Optional Anymore

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When something is optional, you can do that. Or, if you don't want, you don't have to use that. We have internet access, it was optional to use the internet. But it is not anymore.


To live your daily life, you have to use the internet. For example, you want to travel by train. You can buy a train ticket online. Due to convid, you have to buy tickets online. Even if you go to the train station, they will give you the ticket. Let's watch this video.

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This is very essential and I must say the importance of internet in this modern day can't be overlooked as it has helped in so many ways.

Permit me to say as we talked about it advantage,it disadvantages should be looked into to,but permit me to say base on my view in which I don't expect everyone to agree with me that the importance of internet to our day to day life is much more than it disadvantages which I won't be looking into at all

One of the advantage.of internet is how we communicate with different people across the globe even without seeing them ,nuts like you mentioned buy train tickets onine during this covid-19 period.

Internet in one way or the other as helped us to know much more about happening around the world and it as server as a mean whereby we have been updated on things around us,I should not forget to say the existence of this community it is as a result of internet.

To me just like your view on this content, internet is a must for everyone one in this modern day and I won't be surprised if it turns out to a means of hosting classes for students very soon in colleges,duo it as been tried during the covid-19 too and it works

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You must use a smart phone in order for parking here where I live. Or at least you're supposed to...

Next thing, there are already vaccine mandates in one form or another are in many western countries. I'm feeling suspicious. They took too many shortcuts in the development and authorization and the numbers don't look good.