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RE: Technology Advancement - How dishonest people are using it || let's talk about it

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First of all, I wanna thank you for such a great explanation and for talking about it openly. Yes, weapons, missiles are now business and many countries are investing in them for holding the power and increasing the fear among people. Think about COVID-19 which is an upgrade form of COVID/Corona Virus. There are many examples that we don't know and those dishonest people are just playing with the entire human nation. No questions, no answers. Have you heard about METH (Methamphetamine) Drugs, an expensive drug made in the laboratory...

As I said, nobody gonna talk about these things, if there is a discussion, there might be fear of security issues as well...


I think that drugs and some lab-designed pathogens are the worst expression of human stupidity and/or evilness.
I just can't and will never understand why someone would want to spend millions developing things that harm when there are millions of people in need.
It's hard to understand this world. Then adults wonder why youth hide away from reality