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RE: UK Nurse Explains The Corona Virus PCR Test Fraud

in Threespeaklast year

It's immoral, everything that's happening with these tests! I had already read about the Tanzania case, but I had not seen this video. As for the so-called tests, some experts have said that either Covid19 is more infectious than scientists understand so far, or that the World Health Organization has been reporting wrong results. Here in Venezuela a case was reported of a 1-year-old boy who became infected and neither his mother nor his closest family has the virus. This is inexplicable. Especially since he's a child who can't even walk. Here the population has started to leave and seems to suspect that there is a cat in the bag. Maybe that's why, yesterday, the government left us 12 hours without internet. The truth could be a trail of gunpowder right now! Thanks for sharing, @rok-sivante. Nice day.