Waves and Spawners - Meteor stike update

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Hello everyone,

While all the names and titles are still in the works I made some nice breakthrough to how to shape the game world.

First off I changed how the "arena" works, given that I was not satisfied with the infinite universe trick I changed it to take place around a star at the center that for now can be interacted by taking damage from it's hot temperatures. And the borders are defined by a strong magnetic pull that for now are represented by bigger version of static asteroids(but that is gonna change but haven't found a nice solution to that yet, visually mostly)

Now I decided to go with enemies tiers but not really wave but a more interactive way of doing things, I like that the enemies present here fight each other too and seek for resources as the player do.
The process of making this is not really complex as it is a bit long and I haven't dip in too much as I'm finding the different faction first.
The biggest hurdle that for now I see I can have is making them prioritizing certain action above others.

The tier 1 faction are gonna be

The Gurd Fleet


The Gurd fleet take action just as the game starts traveling their Mother ship in the sector through the portal. They want to preserve the events and will take out any scavengers and factions that want to intervine.
The MotherShip is equipped with a giant laser and send out small hunter ships that shoot tracing missle. They have a great fire power that can also destroy the habitat.

The Green Army


A fleet of soldiers that build their base on green asteroids and start porducing their army. The base is built by the commander ship and can create space tanks that can destroy asteroids so that the space truck can harvest the goods.

The Asteworms


They are born out the grassy asteroids and they chase everybody who come close. This for now is the most incomplete faction but it's gonna be very basic and simple.

After the first tier factions are done I'm gonna work on the weapon tree for the ship so that the player can upgrade his arsenal through the resources collected.
Have a goodday everybody!

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You seem to be making a lot of progress these days. Nice!

Thank you! I ve been focusing on it for a while! still with this game I have a big overarching problem with performance in the later stages

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