Sonic Route - Of small open worlds

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Proceding slowly on the path of learning Unity I got the hang on how to play music and sounds, it's fairly straightfoward with simple audiosource but when you want to add more then one to an object it start to complicate itself. I'm at that point wich I will need an audiocontroller object because if I add the jump sound and the rolling one to the ball the engine get mixed up and only play the one wich come first in the hierarchy.
Though more complicated it dosn't seem an impossible task.


Now onto the video and the idea running around here is that I really love this simple way of moving around the enviroment, I'm trying around different set ups and thinking about an rpg lite system were the player can enache it's jump power and movement speed. Seeing the trailer for the new Sonic game reinforced the idea, I could not feel any impovement to the formula wich in my opinion has never truly translated well from the 2d Sonic era. The game going open world don't seem to add nothing only divide it's old levels spreading them out an open world.


Now the general idea is there but is gonna take quite a bit because while the coding for the most part maybe done there's a whole lot of sculpting, placing and building to be done and I'm struggling both with the in game editor and blender. Hopefully I will be able to get some effects to get the feel of speed but thats not the focus right now as enabling the player to use this power come first!

That's all for now have a goodday!

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