Integrals Example: Trigonometric Substitution: Integral from Catenary Proof

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In this video I go over an example on using trigonometric substitution to evaluate integrals. This example is the same one in my earlier catenary proof video, but which I used an online integral calculator to save time in the derivation. The integral is of the function 1/sqrt(p2 + 1) and I show how it is pretty straight forward to apply the trig substitution p = tan(u) because then we can use trigonometry identities to remove the square root in the integrand. The solution to the integral involves an absolute value, but I also show how in this particular example I show how the function inside the absolute value is always greater than 0, and thus we can remove the absolute value sign! This is a great example on applying the trigonometric substitution as well as in understanding how absolute value functions can be simplified, so make sure to watch this video!

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