🔬#MESExperiments 4: Gyroscopes Precess with Zero ‘Angular Momentum’

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In #MESExperiments number 4, I have uploaded THE Eric Laithwaite’s mind-boggling demonstration showing that an 8-pound gyro wheel precesses with no “angular momentum” or “inertia”; i.e. behaving like it has ZERO mass! I had covered this particular experiment in my earlier #AntiGravity Part 1 video (https://mes.fm/antigravity-playlist), so make sure to watch that video to get caught up on how and why I am now starting off with Laithwaite finished off.

Eric Laithwaite, during his famous 4th and 5th Christmas Institution in 1974 on gyroscopes (to which his name and brilliant work has been covered up and slandered by the “Royal (real science coverup) Society”), compared the impact a gyro wheel would have upon a wooden stick while it was spinning vs. not-spinning. When the gyroscope is spun up, using compressed air in this particular case, the gyroscope “precesses” around towards the stick but then just bounces off and starts moving downwards and in the opposite direction. Keep in mind that this is an 8-POUND gyro wheel! Now when the wheel is not spun but instead lifted to a height that would move at roughly the same speed during precession but when dropped due to gravity, the wheel obliterates that wooden stick! Imagine scaling this experiment up by a few ton and showing that a car-sized gyro wheel can hit a normal standing human… and bounce off as if he was Superman… #TimeToBuildAGiantGyroWheel

This is one of the most astonishing, yet very simple to perform, demonstrations I have ever seen! The established concept that “inertia” or “momentum” or “angular momentum” depend soley on mass and velocity gets thrown on their head. But even more troubling is pondering just exactly how long this basic fact of gyroscopes has been covered up…. And as I have demonstrated in my earlier experiments of gyroscopes rising against gravity and exerting forces with ZERO loss of spin rate, it appears that gyroscopes hold a key to unlocking the very substance of our perceived universe… #TheEtherExists

Stay Tuned for #MESExperiments Number 5!

View full experiment results on the Hive blockchain: https://peakd.com/mesexperiments/@mes/mesexperiments-4-gyroscopes-precess-with-zero-angular-momentum-theetherexists

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In the 4th #MESExperiments video, I have uploaded THE Eric Laithwaite’s game-changing demonstration showing an 8-pound gyro wheel precesses as if it has lost all “mass” and not being able to nudge a thin wooden stick, something which it could easily break off if the wheel wasn’t spinning.

View full experiment results on the Hive blockchain:


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