Integrals Example: Revisiting Trigonometry Integral from 'Parametric Calculus: Areas: Example 2'

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In this video I revisit the calculation from my earlier video titled: Parametric Calculus: Areas: Example 2: Cow Tied to a Silo problem, which was the trigonometric integral that I saved time by instead solving with an online integral calculator. But for the sake of completeness, as well as the integral being a very interesting one to solve, I decided to solve the integral by hand in this video. The integration involves simplifying the integral by using the Half-Angle trigonometric identity for cosine, and then apply the Integration by Parts method numerous times. The integration is very tedious but it I illustrate how to break down the calculation into sections and then work it around methodically. This is an important example to understand the methodology in solving complex integral problems, but this also can be translated into many areas of life because at the end of the day life is mostly about problem solving, so make sure to watch this video!

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