Blue Origin First Human Flight

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A wonderfully historic moment was made right now as Jeff Bezos made his first space flight on the Blue Origin. Coming in at second place to Sir Richard Branson, from Virgin Galactic the billionaire space race took a whole new look on aviation.

Much like the former United States and Soviet space race which saw Soviet cosmonaut Yuri A orbit the Earth on 12 April 1961 followed by the United States Alan Shepard who piloted the Mercury Freedom 7 spacecraft on 5 May 1961.

Today's space race is a little different as the Billionaires race to create a commercial business taking every day people to the edges of the planet and experiencing space for themselves. It is amazing how fast humans can reach the perimetter of our planet but at the speeds these rockets are racing it would make the world fastest fighter jet look sheepish.

Commercial airliners are currently undergoing significant change to become electric and where the thought could be placed on becoming carbon neutral commercial aeroplanes have some serious competition on the horizon. The fastest way to get from one side of the planet to the other is up. Soon, no longer will humans have to endure long hual flights we will use rockets to be in places in a matter of mintues.

As aeroplanes were to steam boats so too are space craft to aeroplanes.

I'm excited!

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Amazing that a human has finally made this flight into space.

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Indeed, it is absolutely amazing. A generational marker if there was one. I wonder if they claim the US prize money for building their own rocket into outter space.

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