Autonomous camera operator for Threespeak content creators using a Ronin SC gimbal!

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Hey, @hiveio and @threespeak! I’ve been on the receiving end of some production set backs lately. I’ve only been sharing about 5% of everything I’ve been shooting. There’s a lot I haven’t been happy with, but this one barely passed the threshold for shareable video. I’ve been on a mission to create solo VLOG content. I’ve always enjoyed making videos and journaling in this medium, but once the pandemic hit, it quickly became the pivot my career has needed for a long, long time. I’ve had several iterations, including drones, 360º cameras, and this is the latest [hopefully last] solution.

I’ve come up with Frankenstein hack that involves my iPhone 11 Pro with the Moondog Labs 1.33X anamorphic lens I recently mentioned. I use Filmic Pro to handle to exposure and to crunch the aspect ration of the lens, but I still needed a separate app to handle the tracking with the DJI Ronin app. That was how I came to this rig. A hot shoe mounted on the Ronin slide, and a second, taller hot shot behind it for the active tracking. It worked! This is just some test footage and a few words of encouragement when things don’t also shake out the first few [dozen] times around. Let me know what you think!

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A creative Frankenstein hack! Where there's a will, there's a way!

There was a drone I read about a while ago that had a tracking system built in. It was still in development, but it had a band that you wore on your wrist and it would follow wherever that band was. It was pretty interesting. I want to say it was called the Lady Bug, but I could be remembering wrong.

Everything you do is perfection Lars! And that shirt! I still have my GPK cards from when I was a kid!

Hi @kommienezuspadt.
I like your video.
I am wondering about one thing though, just a small question that you might be able to clarify for me.
You said you used an iPhone 6 for the active tracking. Having never tried this, I have no idea:
Did you have to wear something for the phone to track? Or is it all done by the app you were using, recognising your profile against the backdrop of the foliage in the shot and following that?

Thanks and all the best.

If I had came across this post during the first 7 days, I would have upvoted it! But alas...