EUC VLOG #005 Finally figured out how to go backwards!

in Threespeaklast year

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What’s happening friends in the Hive-o-sphere! What’s the message to this VLOG? Persistence. I’ll invite you to go back a few EUC VLOG’s. About six weeks ago, I took my drone with me to my son’s school. Empty on weekends, giving me the entire parking lost to practice my electric unicycle moves. I’ve been trying to learn to go backwards and after a lot of falling, I did manage to get a consecutive 10 feet or so in reverse. Finally, after a lot of trial and error and overcoming mental hurdles, in this video, I’m proud to show off some backwards mobility.

My dad was an incredible roller skater. I think that was a requirement in the 70’s. I remember us going to our trashy local skating rink, and being awestruck watching him cross his legs as he skated backwards at full speed. I also remember trying it myself at about 14, crashing on my ass in front of a bunch of cute girls. Now 40 years old, I feel I’ve somehow redeemed myself with this achievement on the electric unicycle. I’ll be getting my next model, the Kingsong S18, in two weeks so this is the kind of thing I want to know how to do before it arrives. Thanks for watching!

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I love roller skating! Never stopped doing it since I was a child! That unicycle! It looks amazing!

You'd look so cute rollerskating, @artedellavita!

Aww thank you! I wear these all around my house! Lol


Congrats on the accomplishment! I don't was never very good at rollerskating either. There is still a rink open just down the road from where we live. It is usually pretty packed too surprisingly! My brother in law is a really good skater, but I don't know if he has been recently.

I used to be amazed at my dad and my uncle skating backwards, @bozz. I still don't think I could do it, even with the knowledge of the EUC.

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Nice ride, I tried once but I failed 😄
Have a nice end of week, hugs.