8 Headlines You May Have Missed - Kenny Reads The News, Episode 1

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Hello beautiful humans!

Today we're trying something new! I've been wanting to step more towards some live-streaming, and more video content. This obviously isn't live, but it's sort of like one of the formats I want to play with: reading the news.

Basically, I've got a decent microphone now, and it's time it gets put to use. Today's video includes 8 articles, and the studies behind two of them. Links below.

I would love to hear your thoughts on video vs audio, what platform would be best for live-streaming if I go that way, etc. As always, I am trying to find the balance between enjoyable for me, and providing as much value as possible for everyone else.

Here are all the articles & studies featured in the video:


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This was GREAT! Hope you apreciate the fact that we're going to use this in a Vimm room and repeat play it to grow an audience. You're always welcome to drop by and see if I'm being serious or not; https://www.vimm.tv/frankscoms
Highest Regards Bruv.

Be on the WATCH @frankbacon.png

Totally, you know you can always use my content for whatever :-)

we use your content to redpill normies... ; )

THIS is what to expect @barge.jpeg

you cut the stash!!! wow dude and thank you for your great work that you do!!! Blessings!

Ya, it was getting pretty ridiculously itchy under there - time to start over haha.

Hope you are well!

Yes very well, despite the fact that EVERYONE in Denver is wearing a mask - even people walking dogs alone or riding bicycles or running by themselves in the park - except ME - I guess - and a few others. Besides THAT FUCKING CRAZINESS I'm doing GREAT - I even heard that there was actually LIVE MUSIC in Boulder recently - so that is hopeful.