Let's Do a Little Thought Experiment

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Imagine, if you will, a world where 6 corporations run 99% of the media, a couple social media sites have a monopoly on where people interact, and things are run by a bunch of technocratic eugenicists (you don't have to include that last one for the experiment - but it makes it a better match for this version of Earth.)

With such a small group having full control over the only sources of information most humans have about what is going on outside of their own personal experiences, it is quite feasible that those same people can thus control the narrative on the planet.

Now, given what we know about the power of the human mind, and specifically its ability to heal & harm the body - simply by belief...

Do you see where I'm going here?

If you're not familiar with the placebo & nocebo effects, please take a moment to get a basic understanding, from these super mainstream, narrative-following, sources:

So, humans can heal themselves and make themselves sick, purely by what they believe (well-documented)... and there are just a few people who control what the masses believe, through governments/media...

Now those folks get every newspaper, TV station, magazine, radio show, advertisement, and social media platform to bombard everyone with the narrative of a highly infectious, super deadly virus, whose symptoms are literally anything and everything.

To be clear, for this thought experiment there is no virus, there is no 5G concern, etc. ONLY the media narrative being pushed.

How many people make themselves insanely sick, and even die from this belief?

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interesting clip supporting the concept that our thoughts can affect our reality

hmmmmm... imagine there's no government

I doubts it’s all a lie, but you are totally right about how thoughts affect the body and how thoughts affect reality. I give very little energy to the topic because I still have lots of things I can do that can contribute to love and awesomeness. It’s a challenge sometimes, but so is drawing in black and white instead of colors. Artistic restrictions lol.

a virus is simply the body detoxing...

so fucking funny in a super sad way