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RE: I bought a Purple iPhone 14 Pro Max and paid with HIVE/BTC

in Threespeak7 months ago

Dude, I can't watch the whole video because of my slow internet connection, but I can see your excitement on your face. And I'm excited for you too! After all, this is the newest iPhone model and I don't know why, iPhone has always attracted me more. iPhone 14 Pro Max looks really cool. I'm already looking forward to the content you're going to produce with it! I hope you'll do an unboxing post when it arrives.
As you know, I've been thinking about buying a phone for myself lately. I went to the stores a bit and saw that the iPhone went up 2 days ago. That made me quite sad. I was thinking about buying an iPhone 11 but I'm hesitating now. I think I will write an article about it when I decide and buy it.


That’s a bummer, I understand though. If you’re interested, I also have a YouTube version and you can lower the resolution there. I don’t know, maybe that’ll still require too much data.

I probably won’t do an unboxing video since there isn’t anything in the box besides the phone really. Funny that they don’t even give you a charger anymore. Had to pay $129 extra just for a MagSafe charger 🫠 I will definitely do a review type video once I get my hands on it and will of course be using it as my main device for content creation.

The iPhone went up in price in your area? It has stayed the same here and some have even dropped in price such as the iPhone 13.

In Turkey you can't know what is going to happen to prices. It was 15000 Turkish liras and now 16500 Turkish liras. It increased a lot. I don't know what to do about it.

I'm looking forward to your next posts with iphone 14